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  • The skincare ecommerce website template should offer easy management of product catalogs, allowing you to add, edit, and organize skincare products.
  • The template should provide a seamless shopping cart and checkout experience for customers.
  • The template should have features to suggest related skincare products or upsell complementary items based on customer preferences and browsing history.
  • The template should support customer ratings and reviews for skincare products.
  • The skincare ecommerce website template should integrate with secure payment gateways, ensuring safe and smooth transactions for customers.

Smart Home

  • Attractive and user-friendly website layout with a focus on aesthetics and usability.
  • Responsive design to ensure the site works well on various devices.
  • Offer filters and sorting options to enhance the shopping experience.
  • An intuitive shopping cart that displays product details and allows for easy updates.
  • Robust search bar with autocomplete suggestions to help users find products quickly.
  • Simplified checkout process with clear steps and secure payment options.


  • Display sneakers in high-quality images and detailed descriptions to captivate shoppers' attention.
  • Ensure an intuitive layout that allows customers to easily browse categories and filter by size, color, brand, etc.
  • Implement a reliable payment system to instill trust and facilitate safe transactions for buyers.
  • Optimize the template for mobile devices to reach a broader audience and enhance the user experience.
  • Let users save their favorite sneakers for later, encouraging them to return and complete purchases.
  • Cater to a diverse customer base by offering the website in multiple languages.
  • Keep customers informed about their shipment status through a seamless tracking system.


  • Ensure a seamless shopping experience on all devices, allowing customers to buy stationery supplies on the go.
  • Enable customers to save their favorite stationery items for future purchase consideration.
  • Prevent overselling and ensure accurate stock updates to manage customer expectations.
  • Offer gift cards for easy gifting, expanding your customer base through word-of-mouth.
  • Cater to businesses and educational institutions by offering bulk purchase options.
  • Attract international customers with language options and currency conversions.
  • Implement robust security measures to safeguard customer data during transactions.

Student Facilities

  • Give instant replies to student queries and complaints round the clock.
  • Help students access library, cafeteria, and games facilities with ease.
  • Provide easy transport, laundry, and medical appointment bookings with one click.
  • Let students schedule meetings with professors, assistants, and administration unit as per their convenience.
  • Allow students to raise assistance with room service, cleaning, and canteen staff anytime they want.


  • Implement a user registration and login system that allows customers to create accounts, save their preferences, and track their orders, providing a personalized and seamless shopping experience.
  • Display fashion products with attractive images, detailed descriptions, pricing, and availability information. Incorporate filters and sorting options for customers to refine their search based on categories, sizes, colors, and more.
  • Develop a user-friendly shopping cart system that enables customers to add products, update quantities, and proceed to a secure and hassle-free checkout process. Include multiple payment options and ensure the protection of customer information.
  • Enable customers to create wishlists or save favorite items for future reference, allowing them to keep track of products they love and make purchasing decisions at their convenience.
  • Integrate a review and rating system to collect feedback from customers about the fashion products they have purchased. This helps build trust, provide social proof, and assist other customers in their decision-making process.

term Insurance

  • Help them compare different term insurance plans to find the perfect fit.
  • Assist customers in calculating term insurance premium amounts.
  • Let customers raise help and complaints to solve their queries instantly.
  • Provide process requests, sign-up for insurance plans and carry out registrations without any human involvement.
  • Allow users to choose medical coverage, accidental death coverage, and easy payment installments for their best financial protection.

Travel Insurance

  • Compare, buy and renew travel insurance plans as per your customer's choice.
  • Get answers to all customer queries, solve complaints and take feedback in an instant.
  • Cover accommodation, hotel, flight cancellation and medical expenses.
  • Explore customized plans to buy a plan and get rolling with the process within a few seconds.
  • Secure their personal belongings, passport, baggages, and valuables with a click.


  • Provide a search functionality that allows users to search for their desired travel destinations, and offer recommendations based on popular or trending locations, user preferences, or past searches.
  • Enable users to search, compare, and book flights and accommodations directly through the website. Integrate with multiple airlines and hotels to offer a wide range of options and facilitate seamless booking experiences.
  • Allow users to create and manage their travel itineraries by selecting dates, adding activities, attractions, and dining options. Provide features to customize and share itineraries with travel companions.
  • Implement a user registration system to enable users to create accounts, save their preferences, and manage their bookings.


  • Implement password reset and email verification functionalities.
  • Provide a user-friendly search interface for flights, hotels, and other travel services.
  • Allow users to filter results based on various criteria such as price, location, date, etc.
  • Display detailed information about each listing, including prices, amenities, photos, and user reviews.
  • Provide a dashboard where users can manage their current and past bookings.
  • Send booking confirmation emails with relevant details.
  • Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for accommodations and services.
  • Display aggregated ratings for users to make informed decisions.

Two Wheeler Search

  • Explore various top brands like Bajaj, Honda and TVS to choose their perfect two wheeler.
  • Something for everyone, find amazing deals at all price ranges within seconds.
  • Raise help or ask doubts to get instant answers anytime they want.
  • Wide range of two wheelers to choose from, whether it's an electric bike, a scooter or a moped.
  • Book and pay for the two wheeler of their choice in just a few steps with our smart bot.

Used Cars Search

  • Find their perfect pick from among hundreds of brands, models and use durations.
  • Get hottest deals, amazing discounts and great offers at one tap.
  • Instantly book test drives and store appointments with our interactive chatbot.
  • Explore different budgets to get a deal that fits their needs perfectly.
  • Smooth booking process, easy payments and 24*7 customer support, all at one place.