Engage Your Clients with Shopify Chatbot, Even When You're Sleeping!

Automate your lead gereration, sales and customer service and let your chatbot handle all the repetitve stuff, so you have time to grow your business!

WhatsApp Marketing For Enhanced
Customer Experience

Stay connected with your customers on WhatsApp to simplify and enhance their
omnichannel shopping experience.
Abandoned Cart

Effectively convert abandoned carts into sales.

Don't just stop reminding your customers to return to their abandoned carts. Instead, help them to make a sale immediately using WhatsApp customers viewed products but didn't add them to the cart? Remind them what they viewed and complete the shopping.

  • 90% of online store visitors don't remember to check out after intense retail shopping. re target both product and cart abandonment to boost sales.
  • Customise your shopify online store with dynamic product images and time-sensitive discount codes. Re-target business messages to improve conversions.

Bulk Segment Messages

Category buyers based on multiple categories and send bulk messages to improve sales. Send messages to different groups of customers or all customers at once using the bulk messaging feature

Product Review

Most online shoppers refuse to give product and shopping reviews because, frankly, their job is done, and they don't want to do anything more. change this attitude of customers and get them to leave feedback using WhatsApp.

Upsells and Cross Sells

Customise shopping journeys and experiences for individual visitors by suggesting relevant products. Upsell more products and cross-sell based on customer behaviour

COD and Shipping

Offer your customers the ultimate flexibility with COD (Cash on Delivery) option! Streamline order management and get paid at the time of shipment. Improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions now!

Why ZigChat for Shopify is the Choice
of Store Owners?

Automate customer support to boost Shopify sales. Integrate WhatsApp support to enhance
customer experience significantly. 
360 view of the customer's journey

Get a 360° view of customers' engagement with your Shopify store and brand. Dynamically improve customer service based on changing customer interactions.

Pre-built designs to jumpstart Shopify store

Create your own unique Shopify store instantly using our readymade custom designs.

Integration with CRM and Ticketing Tools

ZigChat integrates with enterprise CRMs to improve customer service. Automate ticket management using ticketing tools for resolving customer queries at lightning speed. 

Onmi Channel Engagement

Provide a true Omni channel experience for your customers with seamless connection and usage of ZIGChat. Encourage your customers to order from the Shopify store, follow up with WhatsApp, and complete COD to order from anywhere, anytime. 

ZigChat – Your Custom Autobot For Any Industry

ZIGChat seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store for any industry. Our Autobot is entirely
customisable and can be trained to answer the most frequently asked questions for any vertical. 

Shopify Ecommerce Chatbot for Apparel & Clothing

Apparel and clothing shopify e-commerce store owners can use ZIGChat to provide chatbot solutions that enhance their customer response time, marketing objectives and order updates.

ZIGChat is a chatbot that can be integrated into your Shopify store.With ZIGChat, you can provide excellent customer service by responding to queries and concerns quickly and efficiently. It will help you stay up-to-date with customer interaction, no matter how many people are on your site at once. 

A Chatbot Solution For Home & Decor Shopify Ecommerce Store

The Shopify community rejoices! Specifically designed for home and decor shopify stores, ZIGChat is a chatbot solution that allows you to increase customer response times, achieve marketing objectives conveniently.

Home and decor shopify ecommerce stores can now offer personalized shopping experience to their customers with the help of ZIGChat. The goal is to design chatbots that will provide an easy way for customers to browse through a store, check on order updates and ask for customer service.

Your Own Chatbot For Your Beauty Shopify Ecommerce Store

Increase customer satisfaction and productivity with chatbots that store all your customer information in one place.

ZIGChat’s chatbot is a perfect solution designed to help beauty shopify ecommerce store owners improve their customer response time. By automating customer queries and orders, shop owners can focus on other aspects of their business.

Build a Chatbot for Your Food & Drinks Shopify Store

Our chatbots help Food & Drinks stores offer better customer service, marketing, and order updates.

A ZIGChat chatbot for Food & Drinks Shopify stores can respond to the chats of customers, running on the Shopify system. It can process conversations at once and serve more than one customer instead of a human. This is why chatbots for Shopify are especially great for automated customer support.

Chatbots For Sports Shopify Ecommerce Store

Get the right chatbot for your sports shopify ecommerce store. ZIGChat is a leading provider of chatbots for online stores.

Create a truly personalized customer experience by combining ZIGChat chatbot and Live Chat. ZIGChat is a great option for medium-sized businesses that need to make the customer experience as personalized as possible. Things like intent and sentiment detection can help with sales more effectively!

Automated Chatbots For Health & Wellness shopify store

The chatbot that makes your Health & Wellness store on Shopify ecommerce store more efficient and customer-centric.

ZIGChat is a chatbot application that connects to Shopify stores to provide live chat support. It also provides them with increased customer response time, marketing and order updates by connecting with the Shopify customer data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a Shopify chatbot to make sales easier?

Shopify chatbot is always available and ready to answer your customer queries. Even when a live agent is not present, the chatbot will engage with your customers and give the solutions to complete the purchase process

What is the procedure for getting the verified tick on my WhatsApp number?

The entire process of obtaining the green tick is dependent on receiving the WhatsApp API permission. Once you have obtained this permission, you can apply for the green tick one month later.

How can I use the business API to automate my messages?

Our chatbot solution can help you quickly and easily implement your business use case on WhatsApp. With your platform you can create a custom chatbot that can be used to automate conversations, provide customer service, and much more

What is the cost of purchasing the business API?

Start your business API now for only INR 8000. No extra charges, no extended contracts - just a singe, one - time cost to link your business.

What are some of the most common WhatsApp use cases that can be deployed?

With our WhatsApp chatbot API, you can easily create custom use cases to meet your specific business needs. Our API provides the means to add live chat or NLP integration.

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