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WhatsApp Business Solution

WhatsApp Business Catalog

Automate campaigns with message templates and generate up to 28x ROI on marketing spends. Send targeted and personalised messages of offers, newsletters and product launches to your customers using Official WhatsApp API.

  • Convenient Customer Support
  • Direct Sales Through the WhatsApp
  • Automated Replies to Queries
  • Ability to Promote and Offer Discounts

WhatsApp Chatbot

Transform every customer touchpoint into a seamless, personalized WhatsApp conversation. From lead generation to user onboarding to customer support, empower your customers with the best customer experience possible.
  • Easily solve customer queries
  • Connect customers with live agents
  • Smoother customer support
  • Higher conversion rates

WhatsApp Broadcast

Automate campaigns with message templates to get up to 28x return on marketing investments. Use the Official WhatsApp API to send personalised messages such as offers, newsletters, and product launches to customers.

  •   Send personalized marketing messages
  •   Share offer and sale details
  •   Increase your website traffic
  • Build guided conversations

WhatsApp Event

Give your customers valuable and personalized experiences
by triggering messages based on their activity with automated
event notifications. 
  • Personalised messages for your customers
  • Send order tracking updates
  • Send EMI reminders
  • Keep customers engaged and informed

WhatsApp Business API - How it can help you
to grow your Business?

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Our API is simple to utilize, enabling you to deliver impactful messages to customers who've left their carts, resulting in higher open and recovery rates. Prevent lost sales by thwarting abandoned carts!

Analytics ROI

See how many people responded to your WhatsApp messages and learn about your reach. Identify highly engaged followers and evaluate how your messages are doing. Utilize data-driven insights to boost your messaging and reach more people.

Order Confirmation

Send your customers a personal message on WhatsApp to let them know when their order has been confirmed. This will ensure efficient order processing and customers are kept informed.

Order Tracking Notification

Maintain customers informed on the status of their orders by providing order tracking information via WhatsApp. They can consequently monitor the shipment and have full knowledge of their order's current state.

Cash on Delivery Verification

Verify COD orders with a confirmation message on WhatsApp to ensure a successful and hassle-free delivery. This will help reduce Return to Origin (RTO) orders and maximize margins.

Manage Opt-Outs

No one likes unwanted messages. Zigchat makes it effortless to adhere to customer preferences by handling opt-out lists.

Why do we need a WhatsApp

Generate Qualified Leads

Prioritise those leads that are most likely to convert. This will save you time and energy, and fivefold your chances of success!

Automate Customer
Service Queries

Offer customers an efficient way to get answers to their queries by deploying a well-structured chatbot. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also help to reduce customer support costs.

Engage With Your Customers Through Notification Messages.

Strengthen your bond with customers by sending tailored notifications. Timely, pertinent and captivating communications will ensure customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Broadcast campaign

 Engage your customers and drive more revenue with customized WhatsApp template messages with offers, newsletters, and
product launches and benefit from 82%+ open rates!
Launch your Campaign

Maximize your communication efficiency with just whatsapp marketing – reach hundreds of people! Get up to 6x more value than traditional campaigns and see your return investment soars!

Draft your Template Message

Draft professional, high-engaging copy for your campaigns with our expert assistance. Our pre-approved templates and campaign manager can give you a time saving advantage and help get your content approved more quickly.

Segment your Audience
Divide and target your message to the relevant
audience to get the highest level of open and response
rates. Instead of dispatching bland, low-engagement emails to everybody, send personalized messages to a segmented group.
Build Your Conversational Flow

Maximize your re-engagement initiatives with WhatsApp! Tailor your campaigns using our no-code chatbot builder for two-way communications. Make the most of WhatsApp for your business success!

Analyze Campaign Performance

Gain insight into your campaigns with our campaign analytics dashboard. Track data in real-time, assess results, and utilize the information to improve future campaigns.

WhatsApp event notification

Stay connected with your customers through WhatsApp messages! Let them know what’s new with timely updates
on offers and promotions. Give them helpful content that will help them make the right decision. Engage in their
journey towards a purchase.
Payment Request

Submit order/payment data via WhatsApp, including invoices, transaction updates, and auction completion notifications.

Delivery Status

Keep customers apprised of product delivery status. Provide real-time updates on their order so they can monitor progress and know when it will arrive.

Billing update

Remind customers to renew their services and ensure they stay informed of billing via WhatsApp. Enjoy the assurance that they are informed and taken care of.

Reservation update

Ensure that they are updated on their bookings, allowing them to plan their trips with assurance.

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their businesses

Zigchat makes it easy and cost-effective for your enterprise CMS systems to integrate with WhatsApp API. With our seamless code-free integration, you can effortlessly integrate your ecommerce store, dramatically improving customer experience.

Integrate WhatsApp API seamlessly
with existing CMSs

Zigchat makes it easy and cost-effective for your enterprise CMS systems to integrate with WhatsApp API. With our seamless code-free integration, you can effortlessly integrate your ecommerce store, dramatically improving customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for WhatsApp Business API ?
Activate your WhatsApp bot API and easily submit the paperwork and start your Facebook Business Manager profile and your API will be operational in seven days. Don’t wait – get it activate now!
What is the procedure for getting the verified tick on my WhatsApp number?
The entire process of obtaining the green tick is dependent on receiving the WhatsApp API permission. Once you have obtained this permission, you can apply for the green tick one month later.
How can I use the business API to automate my messages?

Our chatbot solution can help you quickly and easily implement your business use case on WhatsApp. With your platform you can create a custom chatbot that can be used to automate conversations, provide customer service, and much more

What are some of the most common WhatsApp use cases that can be deployed?

With our WhatsApp chatbot API, you can easily create custom use cases to meet your specific business needs. Our API provides the means to add live chat or NLP integration.

What is the WhatsApp Business API? How can I obtain it?

A WhatsApp Chatbot API was launched to help medium to large businesses, Communicate with multiple customers usin WhatsApp, With WhatsApp API integration, businesses can automate communications with automated replies, chatbots &  interactive messages. It allows businesses to create a personalized communication flow that works for their customers. we will set up your WhatsApp bot API within one week once you send us your documents and activate your Facebook business management profile.

How to get a verified tick on my WhatApp number?

WhatsApp provides a verfied tick at its own discretion. After giving you your API, you can apply for a green tick after a month.

How to automate customer conversation with WhatsApp bot API?

One of the most WhatsApp business API feature is to automate  messages frequently and you can use this WhatsApp API to send messages and response to speed up your customer support process and lessen your workload. you can set away WhatsApp message  API or quick replies to FAQs with the help of WhatsApp bot API.

How much does WhatsApp API Integration cost?

If you are looking to use the WhatsApp bot API to sent messages, there are a gew things you need to know about pricing. The cost of the WhatsApp business API pricing can vary depending on the features and functionality you need. We charge a flatrate of INR 8000 to set up and activate your WhatsApp Business API. If you need more advance features, you may have to pay more. Business chatbot APIs through WhatsApp is a great way to collect data for your business at an affordable price.

How much does whatsapp business api pricing in india?

WhatsApp Business API pricing in India varies based on message types, ranging from session messages to template messages. Costs also depend on factors like message destination and media attachments. Pricing details can be obtained directly from WhatsApp’s official website or their authorized partners. Since WhatsApp Business API pricing may undergo updates, it’s advisable to check the latest information to ensure accurate and current rates for utilizing the service in India.

What is WhatsApp business API provider?

A WhatsApp Business API provider in India acts as an intermediary enabling businesses to integrate and utilize WhatsApp’s API. Company like Zigchat offer services for onboarding, technical support, and compliance with WhatsApp guidelines. WhatsApp Business API provider in India providers facilitates smooth integration, ensuring businesses effectively leverage  WhatsApp for improved customer engagement and streamlined communication solutions in the Indian market.

What is WhatsApp business integration?

WhatsApp Business integration in India involves incorporating the WhatsApp Business API into a company’s communication infrastructure. This integration allows businesses to use WhatsApp for customer engagement, messaging, and transactional communication. With services provided by API integration platforms, such as Zigweb businesses can seamlessly connect with their audience via WhatsApp, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions in the Indian market.

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the future of customer experience is conversational Join Us Today.

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