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Bill Payment

  • Present easy payment options to pay house rent, college fees, electricity, water and internet bills always on time.
  • Help them transfer money, process funds and manage card limits in one click.
  • Provide all the banking and billing queries answered in a jiffy.
  • Allow your customers to set automatic reminders and notifications to keep them on top of their bill payments.
  • Assist them in managing their finances from the comfort of their homes.

Blood Donation

  • Collect donor blood type, medical history and current prescription details instantly for medical accuracy.
  • Easy, convenient and super fast donation appointment scheduling.
  • Help donors choose date and time slots for blood donation as per their convenience.
  • Round the clock assistance and customer support at one click.
  • Quick customer feedback and facility ratings for improved medical experience on our interactive chatbot.


  • Explore an array of genres, from thrilling mysteries to heartwarming romances.
  • Get to know more about your favorite authors through dedicated sections.
  • Curate a wishlist for future purchases and stay organized.
  • Effortlessly move through categories, making your shopping spree delightful.
  • Keep tabs on your orders, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Cancel Order

  • Provide easy, one-click order cancellation option to your customers.
  • Collect order cancellation reasons from your customers in a few seconds.
  • Help your buyers navigate through other alternative product options.
  • Offer 24*7 quick and easy customer support and assistance at one click.
  • Super easy & convenient refund process for your customers with one tap.

Cancer Care

  • Help patients discover top cancer doctors in their city to get high quality medical assistance.
  • Let them explore numerous specialists for different types of cancers with a few swipes.
  • Allow them to book doctor appointments and schedule regular check-ups in an instant.
  • Provide tips on post-cure care, re-occurrence avoidance and lifestyle changes.
  • 24*7 online customer support, free medicine delivery and appointment rescheduling services, all at one click.

Car Insurance

  • Compare hundreds of car insurance plans to find the best pick.
  • Buy or renew their four wheeler plan according to their convenience.
  • Get personalized quotes, custom plans and more in an instant.
  • Book appointments, fill up forms and carry out procedures in an easy, hassle-free manner.
  • Get answers to their queries, FAQs and raise customer support in a few clicks.

Car Parking

  • Help your customers find parking spots near their locality in a jiffy with just one click.
  • Let them book parking slots in advance even before they step outside their homes to avoid any last minute worries.
  • Get your customer's queries answered and doubts solved in an instant, anytime they want.
  • Offer cost-efficient and amazing deals on parking slots with our quick and robust chatbot.
  • Allow your customers to find super secured, ventilated and spacious parking slots at their fingertips.

Car Rental

  • Explore different car models, sizes and car types to find the one that fits their needs perfectly.
  • Simply enter contact details, KYC documents and address to get their car booked in a second.
  • Get flexible renting hours and dates to find an ideal car match for themselves.
  • Find exciting deals, offers and discounts to make their trip memorable.
  • Easy and simple payment process, 24*7 customer support and smooth checkout for all their car rental needs.

Car Service

  • Send a well-skilled mechanic on your customer's doorstep to pick and service their car to perfection.
  • Provide top quality car servicing for all models, brands and manufacturers within seconds.
  • Easy, seamless and fast service booking process anytime as per their convenience.
  • Free pickup and drop facilities, genuine spare parts and highly equipped workshops at your customer's fingertips.
  • Super saver deals, exciting offers, and round the clock customer support to make service booking easy and affordable for your users.

Car Test Drive

  • Give your customers the look and feel of their favorite car ride before they buy it.
  • Help them test and try multiple car models to find the perfect match.
  • Allow potential clients to schedule their test drives with just one click.
  • Let them choose any date and time slot as per their convenience to book the test drive in an instant.
  • Provide help, answer queries and solve doubts anytime they want.

College Lead Generation

  • Provide complete and comprehensive college information at a click.
  • Solve student queries regarding admissions, courses, and qualifications in a jiffy.
  • Attract more leads with plus points like college infrastructure, facilities, and awards.
  • Present success rates, placement numbers, and college wins to draw in more students.
  • Promote your campus culture, share pictures, newspaper articles and ratings to boost leads.

College Search

  • Car service chatbot can help automotive.
  • For instance let the chatbot be the official guide.
  • This Chatbot will automatically Intract with visitors.
  • Returning customers landing on dealership website.
  • Many desktop publishing packages and web page.