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Insurance Claim

  •  File insurance claims quickly and easily.
  • Initiate claim process anytime by simply entering all the required details.
  • Complete all formalities and receive the payable amount with no hassle.
  • Seamless reimbursement process with regular updates.
  •  24*7 instant customer help and support to answer doubts, queries and more.

Investment Adviser

  •  Help investors handle financial assets like bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.
  •  Provide smart recommendations based on deep market analysis.
  • Monitor their assets and suggest necessary steps to help them achieve their investment goals
  • Provide regular reminders and notifications regarding your customer's investments.
  • Give expert opinions on investment doubts and queries anytime, anywhere.

Student Facilities

  • Give instant replies to student queries and complaints round the clock.
  • Help students access library, cafeteria, and games facilities with ease.
  • Provide easy transport, laundry, and medical appointment bookings with one click.
  • Let students schedule meetings with professors, assistants, and administration unit as per their convenience.
  • Allow students to raise assistance with room service, cleaning, and canteen staff anytime they want.

term Insurance

  • Help them compare different term insurance plans to find the perfect fit.
  • Assist customers in calculating term insurance premium amounts.
  • Let customers raise help and complaints to solve their queries instantly.
  • Provide process requests, sign-up for insurance plans and carry out registrations without any human involvement.
  • Allow users to choose medical coverage, accidental death coverage, and easy payment installments for their best financial protection.

Travel Insurance

  • Compare, buy and renew travel insurance plans as per your customer's choice.
  • Get answers to all customer queries, solve complaints and take feedback in an instant.
  • Cover accommodation, hotel, flight cancellation and medical expenses.
  • Explore customized plans to buy a plan and get rolling with the process within a few seconds.
  • Secure their personal belongings, passport, baggages, and valuables with a click.